Project Leadership's calendar is divided into two segments: "Leadership Exploration" and "Leadership in Action."

During the "Leadership Exploration" portion of the year (April-July), class members engage in intensive leadership training and development.  This includes a leadership skills assessment and analysis; activities involving team-building, trust-building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication, goal-setting, and a study of leadership styles.  Some of the training takes place at facilities outside the county.  In addition, members participate in roundtable discussions with a variety of leaders from all over Huron County.  This portion of the class ends with the Huron County Road Rally in which members team up together to explore Huron County's history, landmarks, communities and people.

During the "Leadership in Action" portion of the year (August-December), class members demonstrate their leadership skills by working in teams to plan and coordinate classes based on the following themes:  Agriculture & the Environment; Government; Economic Development;  Global Impact of Huron County Businesses; Volunteerism & Social Services.  Board members work with our class members to provide advice and guidance; however, class teams are given latitude to design each meeting around issues of most interest to them. Meetings include speakers, tours of various venues; discussions; community service activities and a meal.